29 September 2012

Pruning ... and fruit?

In mid-August Lewis and Amber from The London Orchard Project made a follow-up visit to the Roots to Fruit mini-orchard to inspect our trees, see how we were doing and show us how to prune the plum trees for the first time.  Tree-hugger Nicky came along, keen to expand his tree knowledge and we were both interviewed for a short film about the LOP.  I'll share the link when/if it gets onto their website.

Guess what we spotted whilst pruning...... plums!  Four ripe plums on the Blue Tit - a beautiful dark blue (just like the one in the photo) and a couple of unripe ones on the Victoria.  Quite unexpected as our trees are young and we were not expecting to see any fruit on any of them for a year or so. 

Jolly delicious they were too - a taste of many future harvests to come.


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