14 February 2012

Our Trees

People have been asking about the trees ...

We shall be planting eight trees, five alongside Augustine's Court and three on the raised ground at the end of Halidon Close.
Our trees have been selected to maximise success and provide a long harvest season, many of them traditional English varieties that have worked well on similar sites.


Apple: Discovery, Fiesta & Howgate Wonder - three traditional English varieties, the Discovery apple crops early, the Fiesta is later and the Howgate Wonder is a large cooking apple
Pear: Conference & Louise Bonne of Jersey - an English variety and an old French one, with attractive blossom
Plum: Blue Tit & Victoria - two typical english varieties, both good for eating and cooking
Apricot: Tomcot - Very good crop of attractive crimson-flushed fruit ready for picking mid-July

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