21 February 2012

Trees planted

We had a really good day on Saturday planting our trees.

To start us off, Lewis, from the London Orchard Project, demonstrated the whole process: from digging the hole to planting the tree to building the guards (the macho bit). 

After that it was all hands on deck.  Including some young helpers.
Delicious cakes and mulled apple juice (laced with rum for the workers) sustained us despite the rain, which increased as the day went on. Somehow, it didn't seem to matter one bit.

Thanks to Lewis, Sam, Glyn, Tim, Tom, Hannah, Syed, Magic, Jim, Joe and all the neighbours who stopped to say hello and encourage us.

The hard work starts here!  As soon as the buds burst we have to give each tree 15-20 litres of water weekly, EVEN IF IT HAS BEEN RAINING.  So volunteers for watering duties please sign up by e-mailing us.

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