23 February 2012

Roots to Fruit in the Hackney Gazette

A photograph from our planting day on Saturday can be seen on page 2 of this week's Hackney Gazette, together with a short write-up.

21 February 2012

Trees planted

We had a really good day on Saturday planting our trees.

To start us off, Lewis, from the London Orchard Project, demonstrated the whole process: from digging the hole to planting the tree to building the guards (the macho bit). 

After that it was all hands on deck.  Including some young helpers.
Delicious cakes and mulled apple juice (laced with rum for the workers) sustained us despite the rain, which increased as the day went on. Somehow, it didn't seem to matter one bit.

Thanks to Lewis, Sam, Glyn, Tim, Tom, Hannah, Syed, Magic, Jim, Joe and all the neighbours who stopped to say hello and encourage us.

The hard work starts here!  As soon as the buds burst we have to give each tree 15-20 litres of water weekly, EVEN IF IT HAS BEEN RAINING.  So volunteers for watering duties please sign up by e-mailing us.

14 February 2012

Our Trees

People have been asking about the trees ...

We shall be planting eight trees, five alongside Augustine's Court and three on the raised ground at the end of Halidon Close.
Our trees have been selected to maximise success and provide a long harvest season, many of them traditional English varieties that have worked well on similar sites.


Apple: Discovery, Fiesta & Howgate Wonder - three traditional English varieties, the Discovery apple crops early, the Fiesta is later and the Howgate Wonder is a large cooking apple
Pear: Conference & Louise Bonne of Jersey - an English variety and an old French one, with attractive blossom
Plum: Blue Tit & Victoria - two typical english varieties, both good for eating and cooking
Apricot: Tomcot - Very good crop of attractive crimson-flushed fruit ready for picking mid-July

10 February 2012

Are you a "Tree Hugger"?

As well as planting the trees, we need to make sure they are looked after.  That's why we need "tree huggers" or volunteer carers to help us with watering, pruning and inspecting the trees for insect infestations and other damage.

If you would like to volunteer please contact us via the blog.

Picture courtesy of: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ayol/6198545366/sizes/l/in/photostream/

Prepare for planting

Just over a week to go until our planting date - Saturday 18 February.  Lots to be done before then...

Leaflets have been delivered to half the estate and we've put some posters up on the estate noticeboards.  More leafleting tomorrow!

After that, full-on bun-baking - using this recipe - yum!

7 February 2012

Welcome to our pear-shaped blog!
Roots to Fruit
A new community orchard on the Jack Dunning Estate, Hackney, E9

Roots to Fruit is a new community orchard.
Thanks to the London Orchard Project, the Jack Dunning Estate in Hackney is getting a community orchard, allowing us to grow our own apples, pears, plums and apricots and rediscover the pleasures of eating locally-grown fruit. 
The trees (8 in total) will be planted on the grass verges outside Augustine's Court on Tresham Walk.

Get Involved

  Come to our planting day

 Saturday 18th February 1pm-4:30pm
Outside Augustine’s Ct. on Tresham Walk

Help plant our fruit trees and enjoy apple cakes & mulled apple juice!
Everyone welcome